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Himalayan salt - pink Premium 1000g



This first-rate Himalayan pink salt is mined by hand in the traditional way from hundreds of millions of years old seas, and practically dates back to the times when the Himalayas were still a seabed.

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Manufacturer Bio-Detox
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The Himalayan salt is a pure natural crystalline salt. This salt was only extracted, dried in the sun, washed and gently ground to the required coarseness. No other chemical processes such as cleaning or bleaching have been applied. The salt was not artificially enriched with other minerals and contains only those that are naturally present in it. This is why it retains its specific structure and properties. One of the distinguishing features of this salt is the pink color it adds to iron - the higher the iron content, the pinker the color. Himalayan salt is a natural source of essential minerals and trace elements. It contains all 84 elements. The minerals and trace elements in this salt have been created for millions of years by the enormous pressure of the underlying rocks. When the Himalayan salt dissolves in the blood, the salt forms a colloidal solution whose particles are well and readily absorbable by the human body.

Effects of Himalayan salt:
Himalayan salt nourishes the body with essential minerals and trace elements at the cellular level. Regular use results in less salinity due to its natural absorbability. In particular, the kidneys are not overloaded with excess salt, which should be avoided. Himalayan salt does not accumulate in the body and does not create undesirable deposits in the joints (gout, arthrosis, arthritis) or elsewhere in the body (kidney, gallstones). It can also be a great supplement to try to balance the levels of acids and bases in the body. Himalayan salt is gentle on tissues. The human body absorbs it easily and helps the body to eliminate even hardly degradable undesirable substances.

Himalayan salts can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and other vascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. This salt can favorably control blood pressure because it contains, among other things, rare earth elements.

Himalayan salt is a healthy substitute for table salt. It can be used in the bath, for cleansing the nasal cavities, or as an ingredient in face masks.

Many people brush their teeth with Himalayan salt. It is also an excellent and completely natural deodorant. We must not forget to mention its importance for athletes as drinking diluted solution is an excellent form of fluid and mineral supplementation.

Ingredients: 100% Himalayan salt - pink, edible
Weight: 1000g
Country of origin: Pakistan

Storage: Keep in a dry and dark place below 25 ° C. After opening, store in a dry and dark place below 25 ° C and use within 12 months. Keep out of reach of children.

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